Friday, 10 February 2017

All About Me

All about me
Hi my name is Winnie and i’m 11 year old
I’m a tongan and i’m a year seven, I have two
More year before i go to college My teacher’s
Name is Miss one (she is nice and cool
And i’m like to have a teacher like that)
I got two sister my sister who died her
Name was elizabeth  and the other one
Is Ana but her real name is Nia.

My brother is Mafoa this year he
Went to college Last year he was
About to go to college now he is
In college next it is me When i go
to college it will be the last year
Of college for my older sister
I got my mum and a grandma
and my family have my back
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treaty of waitangi

Explanation: Why do we learn about the Treaty of Waitangi at school?

It is important to learn about the Treaty of Waitangi at school. The Treaty of Waitangi is an important part of New Zealand’s history, so it is something we should learn about and follow in the future. Once they have learnt about the treaty, the children can teach it to others.
The Treaty of Waitangi is an important part of New Zealand’s history because it is the treaty that was signed by the Maori and British. We celebrate Waitangi day on the 6th of February each year.  The treaty was a contract between the British and Maori and it is one of the most important documents in New Zealand.

We need to learn about the treaty at school because we need to respect it. It is really important to New Zealand because it is our treaty that we have agreed to. In the past the treaty hasn’t been respected, but the future is now and we learning to respect the treaty and follow it.

If we teach the children about the treaty
Of waitangi so when their a parent there
Can teach their children then the children
Well grow up and tell the treaty of waitangi.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Maori word and the English word

Manaakitanga - respect other 
Noa - safe from stranger
tiaki - to care for your little brother and sister

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Monday, 19 September 2016

winnie story map

Story Map
Title:happens to everybody
Author: david hill
Conflict:cody was sleepwalking  he can’t stop sleepwalking  when he said sorry mum i was sleepwalking.
Resolution:dad had to put him to bed and then mum read cody a bedtime story
Beginning:cody was sleepwalking to his mum and said sorry mum i was sleepwalking

Middle:then dad had to put him in bed……….

End:then mum came and read him a bedtime story and he fall asleep.

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Friday, 16 September 2016

te reo moari

Kāore i tua atu i a koe!: There’s no one better than you!

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There’s no one better than you!