Tuesday, 22 March 2016


Date: __22/3/2016________________

Title: __The bat_____________________________________

Author: _Eli kent ____________________

Sam, matt,grandad ________________________________________________________________

1. Does the character seem real to you? Yes    No
Explain your answer.

2. Do the character’s actions fit what you know about him/her? Yes   No
Explain your answer.

3. This character is:Matt
Flat (stays the same)He well look the same and he stay in it he grow up
Round (changes)sam well change into a good bat  

4. Use the “Common Character Traits” chart below to list the traits that describe the character. Matt is wearing red t-shirt and a red hat with a white pant and has colour hair is blond
Common Character Traits
adventurous creative friendly a leader proud studious
awesome courageous fun-loving lazy pretty selfish
artistic considerate gentle messy protective simple
athletic cunning generous mischievous quiet tall
active daring grumpy mean rich timid
beautiful a dreamer happy neat respectful trustworthy
brave dangerous hideous nervous sad thoughtful
bold exciting humble nasty sloppy unselfish
bossy entertaining hostile nice serious warm
caring energetic honest nosy successful witty
charming ferocious intelligent open shy wild
cheerful funny independent persistent short wise

curious a fighter inventive poor smart wonderful

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