Thursday, 5 May 2016

My Hoilday

Last week me and my family went to rainbow end after that we went to happy day
When we went home  and sleep the next morning so i was think if we can go to the
So my mum said if you learn my verse then you can go to the pool it was a hard to learn it.
It was not i was crying because my sister was going to leave me so i learn it fast so i did.

When we went to the pool there is a colder pool, warm pool,little hot pool and hottest pool
Then i went to the cold pool my sister went to warm pool when my mum i will be outside when she was outside my sister name nunia then my mum said our cruisin his name is
Isileli in english it israel we went to my uncle’s house to celebration for the holiday.

On sunday it was white sunday what is white sunday? White sunday is when you do our verse in tonga.I felt happy and nevrse and boring.

The End

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